Recipie Pizza with Vegetables

Pizza with VegetablesIngredients:
  • pasta for the pizza
  • 200 gr tomato
  • 200 gr mozzarella
  • 100 gr egg-plant
  • 100 gr capsicums
  • 100 gr dwarf
  • olive of oil q.b.
  • salt q.b.
To prepare the pasta of the pizza following the recipie: pasta for the pizza
To cut to eggplants, zucchine and capsicum, to put them in one frying pan and to make to fry them. To salt. To spread the pastes on one baking-tin greased of oil, to arrange the last one of tomato over the pizza and to add in uniform way the mozzarella and to the vegetables. To put the pizza in the preheated furnace for 20 min. approximately to 250 °C. To outside pull when the mozzarella it is fused and the coloured pizza.

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